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XENIO Network is a social cooperative enterprise located in Greece. We act both in local and international areas.
Our main causes refer to the fields of tourism growth, nature sustainability through production, renewable energy sources and many others such as accessibility, disabilities, etc.
Our network is a group of volunteers, strong entrepreneurs with bold will to help society.

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Bridging the Gap

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Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the definition in the Green Bible on Corporate Social Responsibility (European Commission, 2001), "Corporate Social Responsibility" is the concept by which companies voluntarily integrate social and environmental considerations into their business and contacts with third parties, as they realize that responsible behavior leads to sustainable business success ". (Source: Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility).
Goal of XENIO Network is to offer to the society, to raise public awareness, to build a relationship of mutual trust with the general public. For XENIO Network, Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a long-term strategy, resulting from its moral obligation to support society. This moral obligation is the driving force behind all the actions of the company.