XENIO Network happily announces that participates in “MOBILE BIODIVERSITY” | “VIRTUAL AND MOBILE MUSEUM OF BIODIVERSITY” that takes place within “INTERREG V-A COOPERATION PROGRAMME GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020”, in collaboration with the Hellenic Development City Network (D.E.P.AN.), undertaking the organizational services for the following events:


i) WEBINAR – “Developing the Joint Strategy on Biodiversity Preservation” that takes place in 8th June 2021.


ii) Online Public Debate – “Developing the Joint Strategy on Biodiversity Preservation” that takes place in 15th June 2021.


iii) Inaugural Event for the presentation of the “Mobile Museum of Biodiversity” and of the “Training Center”. Date to be decided.


The project is addressing the common challenge of biodiversity protection pursuant to illegal hunting, deforestation, forest fires, road infrastructure, etc. The project objective is to analyze and sustain/improve the biodiversity status in the habitats on the territory of the Kresna and Paggaio municipalities which will be achieved through the major project outputs:

• Development of a joint study on biodiversity assessment and joint monitoring database of the habitats in Kresna and Paggaio, both intended to fill in the gaps in scientific information about common CB species, their behavioral patterns, etc.;
• Elaboration and pilot implementation of a joint strategy on biodiversity protection to ensure that stakeholders are informed and aligned on their future actions and policies;
• Development of innovative educational tools and facilities (2 mobile biodiversity museums, 1 mobile training center, 1 virtual museum with mobile application, 1 educational game on biodiversity preservation);
• Development and pilot implementation of a 3-month joint educational campaign for biodiversity protection at 6 CB locations, designed to educate the public and trigger a behavioral change.
This approach will ensure that all relevant stakeholder groups will be involved and their actions will be aligned to improve the conservation status of CB area habitats (incl. Natura 2000 sites).